80: Soul Gear Lv 100 Set Bonuses

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Level 100 Soul Gear

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The images on the main page of the Wiki are of Lv100 Soul Gear.

A special property of this tier is the ability to do Soul Awakening.

Set Bonuses

Class 2 Pieces 4 Pieces 5 Pieces
Berzerker STR +10% Lucky Strike +4% Fire +10%, Ice +10%
Champion VIT +10% Magic Resist +10% Light +10%, Ice +10%
Heretic SPR +10% Physical Resist +10% Dark +10%, Light +10%
Magus INT +10% Lucky Strike +4% Fire +10%, Ice +10%
Slayer DEX +10% Critical +3% Dark +10%, Ice +10%


Can be obtained by killing bosses and/or monsters in Pit of Reckoning (PoR):

Item Obtained via Info
Weapon Origin of Pain Boss always drops 2 Lv100 SG Weapons (random classes). 120 Smelt Essences are required to summon this boss.
Helm Latamantis (NPC) Costs 5,000 Salvation
Shoulders Netherworld Dragon Boss always drops 1 Lv100 SG Shoulders (random class). Boss can only be spawned on Sundays.
Chest Latamantis (NPC) Costs 6,000 Salvation
Gloves Latamantis Boss always drops 1 Lv100 SG Gloves (random class).
Belt Trapped Eurydice Boss always drops 1 Lv100 SG Belt (random class).
Greaves Harpy Queen Falia Boss always drops 1 Lv100 SG Greaves (random class).
Boots Latamantis (NPC) Costs 4,000 Salvation
Shields Monsters These items drop randomly for Pit of Reckoning monsters.